Board of Directors

Mr. M.Bardawily


Mr. M.Bardawily’s business acumen can be judged from a simple but whooping statistic – between 1997 and 2008, the time during which he led the change in Bardawily Group’s business model, the Company has grown 1500 times.


Mr. M.Bardawily is thus the perfect embodiment of the new Egyptian entrepreneurial spirit that in the past asked why, but today asks ‘why not’? No goal is too far, no task unachievable for the new, young Egyptian businessman. However, this acumen does not come on a platter. Despite being a third generation businessman in Bardawily Group, he began his career in UIL in 1996 as a trainee, moving positions, doing everything that was required and more while learning the business skills.


Mr. M.Bardawily took over the business of BixMetal. His analytical skills, coupled with his grass-root experience, the business has seen an exponential growth.

Yet, not the one to rest on his past laurels, Mr. M.Bardawily says, “My goal is to make Bix Metal (International Metal Trade) number one in the world.” Going by his past achievements, this by no stretch of imagination seems like a far-fetching goal, or even a distant dream.


Management Team